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  1. Is Free?
  2. What happen to the pictures I upload to
  3. What kind of files can I upload?
  4. How to use the "Photo Frames" tool?
  5. How to upload a photo from an url?
  6. How to use the tool "Write on Photos"?
  7. How to use the tool "Resize Pictures"?
  8. Some pages looks damaged. How can I solve this?
  9. Some pages, do not loads fully. What can I do?
  10. The website looks to be slow. How can ?I solve this?

Is Free?

Yes. is completly free, but we offer premium accounts. Users with a premium account can generate photos without our watermark, get access to better resolution results to some photo frames and effects, better support and less ads.


What happen to the image files I upload to

The files you upload to are stored in our server for a few time. They are usually removed after 24 hours, unless you clicked the button "Share". In this case, your picture will be removed after a few days, without views, or as soon as we need to clean up, the server to get more space.


What kind of files can I upload?

You can upload image files, bellow 4MB. They can be jpg, gif, or png. If your image files are big, you can resize them in just some seconts, using our Resize Pictures, tool.


How to use the Photo Frames Tool?

The video bellow shows how to use the Photo Frames tool. It's in portuguese, but we think you can understand by watching it.


How to upload an image from a URL?

Watch the video bellow to learn how to get a photo from web. Note that, only some tools allow this. This video is also in portuguese.


How to use the tool Write on Photos?

Watch this video to learn how to use the Write on Photos, tool. In Portuguese, too.


How to use the tool Resize Pictures?

How to use the tool Resize Pictures. In portuguese, but easy to understand by the images.


Some pages looks damaged. What can I do?

If some pages looks damaged in your web browser, on of the possible reson, is that you may be using an outdated web browser. Try on another browser, like Google Chrome or Firefox.


Some tools do not load completly. How can I solve this?

You may need to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. looks to be slow. What is this?

Try another web browser. It the problem continues, maybe we are facing some high traffic.